We have built three loft-like holiday homes in the hayloft of the old stables. These are tall rooms with many windows and clay-plastered walls. Each apartment has its own character.

Information for groups:

The three apartments in the stabels can be rented togeter for a group of 10 -12 people. North has ample space for cooking and enjoying meals together. 



Behind the overgrown part of our garden are three special summer houses. They are architecturally very different and designed especially for their individual locations. Each house is its own kingdom, a nest in the blackthorn jungle with a view overlooking the fields. You can feel the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace. They all have a modern dry toilet.



In the left part of the vicarage we have a spacious apartment with two separate bedrooms and a lovely porch under the old lime trees.



A sunny apartment in the middle of the fruitgarden and barrierfree.