Our sauna is situated in the middle of our premises under one of the large oaks. It consists of three buildings: the changing and shower room, the quiet room and the steam cabin. Here, modern architecture encounters traditional clay construction.

The sauna is heated with a wood oven. The heat from the oven is absorbed by the clay walls and emitted evenly, letting you feel pleasantly enveloped by the warmth. At a temperature of 70˚ it takes a little longer to start sweating, but this isn’t as harsh on the circulatory system. The large glass façade offers a meditative view over the old gnarled fruit trees.

In front of the terrace before the sauna a bridge leads to a wood-fuelled hot tub where you can relax in warm water, particularly nice at night under the starry sky. (Closed in frost.)

We also offer refreshing drinks and small, tasty snacks.

Kathrin Singer can also offer relaxing massages on request.