Last year we set up raised beds for Hügelkultur, the method recommended by the permaculture specialist Sepp Holzer, according to which a kind of dam of ‘garden waste’ is used for growing vegetables, and which can also provide good compost and rich soil culture.

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Our orchard was planted around the end of the nineteenth century. Several apple trees from this time have since mutated into gnarly, moss-covered creatures. Nonetheless, they provide a crop of tasty apples every year.

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Dry toilet

Our modern dry toilets in the garden houses have very little in common with the outhouses of yesteryear.

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Kathrin (Kaddy) Singer, after two years working the Chiropractic and Physiotherapeutic Practice in Zurich, returned to her home fields. She now offers her holistic massages in the Re:hof and the Haus Vogelgesang.

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Jeden Mittwoch 19.00 bis 23.00 Uhr Nette Leute, gute Musik, Videos, Überraschungsauftritte, Klatsch und Tratsch, Pingpong …

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Kunstplatz Lychen

Aus „Ihr Platz “ wird nun „KunstPlatz “ und Kunst wird Lebensmittel.

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